Calling All Teens...

Financial literacy is defined as the ability to read, analyze, manage, and communicate about personal financial conditions that affect material well-being. It includes the ability to discern financial choices and to discuss money and financial issues without discomfort. Financial literacy helps to plan for the future and respond competently to life events that affect every day financial decisions, including events in the general economy. 

What We Offer

Total Transformation Consulting Service will provide teens with ways to adapt and build good financial habits, such as obtaining credit cards responsibly, using credit cards wisely, and building good credit that can be a great head start into the future.

This is provided by way of a monthly workshop presented to both the parents and children. The family leaves with the tools necessary to recognize and handle their own finances and managing their credit. 

Armed with this knowledge, they will become responsible citizens and contributors to their community. We can change their lives.