Money Management

Sound financial planning isn't just for the wealthy. Employed responsibly, financial planning can put one on the road to wealth creation.  It's also pertinent to remember that it is never too soon to think about financial planning. Even if you are fresh out of high school, you should start the process of saving for emergencies, retirement, and other important goals. 

The earlier you start, the easier it will be to save and you will have more money towards your retirement years. Note: It should be stressed that one's first act should be to stop accumulating new debt. Before you even begin to plan for your financial future, you must stop borrowing. Then you can think about financial planning and growing your wealth. 

The Coaching Session 

When you contact Total Transformation Consulting Service, our certified credit and debt counselor goes through your finances and budget to recommend a course of action.  Some of those who come to us for counseling have a financial situation that may require that we refer them to a legal service to determine if bankruptcy is right for them.  

While most clients are helped enough by the counseling, budgeting assistance, educational resources (training events), and referral resources that we provide, and the client leaves with the tools necessary to handle their own finances, we are always available for continued assistance.

Our credit and debt counselors cover a lot of information in the initial counseling session. It can be hard to sort it all out. Often clients have questions that come up after they've completed their session.  Know that we want everyone to successfully conquer their debt, and we're here to provide whatever help is necessary to make that happen. Financial coaching is about educating, empowering, and being an accountability partner for you!