Meet the Professional

Board Certified Credit Score (BCCS), Credit Consultant (CSCC) & Certified Credit Repair Processor (CCRP)

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Certified

Trained & Certified & Commission Notary Public (NSA)

Hi, I'm ShaLonda S. Lang and this is my story...

I am the owner of Total Transformation Consulting Service LLC. I founded this company due to my experiences with my finances.  In the early to mid 2000's, I faced a situation that threatened my job security. This is because I never thought to check or monitor my credit.  To protect my job, and keep the things that were most precious to me, I had to hit the ground running and very quickly fix my credit myself.  I spent many years researching and learning the laws for credit reporting. This helped me come out of that situation, and I soon realized there are others who are experiencing the same thing.  


As time progressed, I realized I could help others just like me... so I continued to immerse myself in financial education.  We are not taught much about finances in our younger years, and it shows.  Over 100 million Americans have poor or bad credit, and thousands are in credit card debt.  Do not be discouraged if you are one of those 100 million Americans.  ​The first step in financial wellness is learning, to learn the right way to handle your finances.  


I personally have over 7 years experience working with individuals and families alike to understand and repair their financial past while equipping them with the proper tools and confidence they need to be successful on their own. Because of this experience, I am able to provide the appropriate education and action steps to help you take care of your personal finances professionally, accurately, and with high quality service.  

Remember, I was you... it's not about where you start, but where you finish!